FLAVA catering About Us


A Trace of Flava is created by professionally Classical French Trained Chef in Pearland, TX. Where all dishes are freshly prepared to bring out natural flavors without compromising the quality that appeals to every lifestyle. With years of study and training, Chef Tracey has acquired knowledge on how to create natural, healthy food and specialty seasoning without preservatives or additives.

At A Trace of Flava, we are dedicated to serving you as graciously as possible while you enjoy our quality foods at the most affordable price.Experience a bit more time relaxing while enjoying the most delicious foods that are prepared with love. Our scratch-made meals build relationships, bring families together and excite you to stay more and keep stress away. Palatable food is a great key to win one’s heart.

A Trace of Flava strives to serve the food that people love to enjoy on holidays, day-out or special events. A delicious and perfectly cooked food with all-natural ingredients to create a memorable experience.


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